The advantage of our structure is that you get to know us as individuals, as we develop a deep understanding of your business.

Dave Vrijsen


Our founder, Dave Vrijsen, has started this business in 2014 and has now established a footprint in both the Australasian and the European markets. He has over 18 years of experience in Strategic Transformation, Organisational Culture, Leadership, Coaching and Mentoring. He has a proven track record of successfully guiding the transformation of organisations in various industries and regions around the world.

Throughout his career, Dave has managed and implemented large projects with various Fortune 500 organisations throughout Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA) and Australasia across a wide variety of industries. Focusing predominantly on Leadership, Coaching, Organisational Culture & Organisational Development, he has ensured sustainability as a core Key Performance Indicator during every implementation he led or was part of. 

Dave has also gained significant experience as a Strategic Relationship Manager to high profile clients. This experience has provided him with a core set of skills, which he not only effectively utilises in his Business Development activities but also seamlessly translates into his roles as Principal Consultant and Project Director. 

During his latest roles in EMEA & Australasia, Dave’s key focus was on developing global collaboration between various internal organisational departments and multi-national clients resulting in significant and sustainable improvements in quality and speed of service. Dave speaks Dutch, English, and Spanish fluently. He also speaks French relatively fluently and German moderately well.


Danny Mulder

Principal Advisor

Danny empowers individuals, teams and organisations to create a sustainable culture by improving the organisational capability, he can help to develop a flexible organisational culture to ensure the future growth and effectiveness of your organisation.