Business Strategy

We help CEO's and heads of businesses truly understand and polish their Business Strategy, to assure success.

There are two key elements to our approach:

Understanding the current Situation and Developing a  Strategy to achieve an ideal Future Stage-Vision of Mid-term Goal.

Understanding the current Situation:

Have you established the right guidance and is your organisation designed to effectively deliver results today and tomorrow?

This challenge can happen at any stage of a business. The important thing is to be aware to assess the situation on time to take corrective actions.

We analyse the business together with you and your team, to assess:

The Context: What are you and your team expected to deliver?

The Results: Actual results vs expectations

The Culture: Your organisation's way of working that delivers those results.

The Design Elements: The key drivers of your culture.

Strategic Choices/ Priorities: The priorities that you and your organisation are really working against.

STRATEGY to achieve the Future

What are they key things you will do and not do, to achieve success?

We help you define the strategic choices that will deliver success and better results as well as create competitive advantage short and long-term.

We help you define a Vision or polish the existing one, and create the key steps and meaningful projects to achieve that Vision.

These priorities form the basis for a resilient and executable strategy that we formulate using a Business Planning Tool called OGSM:

Objective: What business results do we need to achieve in the next 3-5 years?

Goals: What are the key metrics / targets towards the Objective? By function, by category, by region.

Strategies: What choices will you make to deliver the Objective and Goals? What segment do you choose to compete in? What is your advantage vs competition?

Measures: KPI's to track success in every area